Meet Ruby: The Fourth Kind of Chocolate

Though humans have been enjoying cocoa for thousands of years, there is still so much about it that we have yet to learn. Every time we think we know all there is to know about cocoa, this incredible plant surprises us with a whole new realm of culinary possibility. Sure, new trends push cocoa’s limits and clever confectionery artists find new applications for one of the world’s most beloved ingredients, but it’s not often when there’s an entirely new discovery in the world
of chocolate.

The last big chocolate innovation was in 1936 when Swiss chocolatiers at Nestlé developed the world’s first white chocolate. Since then, the world only knew about three types of naturally occurring chocolate; dark chocolate and milk chocolate which are derived from cocoa solids, and white chocolate which is made from cocoa butter. But in 2017, Barry Callebaut introduced a fourth kind of chocolate; ruby chocolate.

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