Chocolate Chip Cookies



Chocolate Chip Cookies – Famous 4th Street Classic

Remember the cookie that started it all at the Reading Terminal Market? Our most Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie is the star of the Famous 4th Street Cookie Family.


These scrumptious Chocolate Chip Cookies are guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest Cookie lover. The freshly baked Famous Cookies are prepared in small batches. We do this to ensure every Cookie is as tasty as the last. Because we use the finest ingredients, we assure perfection in every Cookie you taste! Above all, we strive to bring you the perfect Famous Cookie

Our Best Selling Cookie Comes in Every Size!


Need a smaller sized cookie? Our Bundle of 32 Mini Cookies is the perfect option! Our best selling Cookie can be made into the perfect bite sized cookie.  This Mini Cookie is a perfect treat. It makes an even better gift! Our Mini Cookies can also be made into a Mini Tray of 100! As a result, this tray is perfect for a large event or party. Who wouldn’t love to see a large tray of delicious Famous Mini Cookies! Need a larger assortment of cookies? In addition to our Chocolate Chip, our mini cookies also come in our Famous Classic Assortment. This assortment includes Chocolate Chip Walnut, Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Raisin.

         Bundle of 32 Mini Cookies                                      Tray of 100 Mini Cookies 


Need a bigger Cookie? Our Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookie makes for the perfect gift for every Cookie Lover. This cookie is almost double the size of our regular Cookie. The box of Colossal Cookies include 6 large Chocolate Chip Cookies. This cookie was the original Cookie in the Reading Terminal Market! This makes a perfect corporate gift to give employees or other companies. You can’t go wrong with a Colossal  Cookie! For instance, this was our best selling gift for our Corporate accounts.

Colossal Chocolate Chip

Famous Assortments with our Best Selling Cookie

Three of our Famous Assortments include our best selling Chocolate Chip Cookie. These assortments  are the Famous Classic Assortment, American Classic Assortment, and the Chocolate Lovers Assortment. We hand picked these assortments to suit every cookie lover. All the flavors in each assortment compliment each other perfectly. We also have seasonal assortments that are perfect for that time of the year. Our Winter Flavors Assortment will warm up this chilly Winter! All assortments can be ordered in a Gold Gift Box of a Beautiful Tray. However, all cookies flavors can be made into your own personal assortment!

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