Would You Like a Famous Wedding?

Famous 4th Street Cookies will make your special day even sweeter. Every thick and chewy cookie is homemade with premium, all-natural ingredients and baked the same day of your event. With 20 different flavors, you will be sure to find the perfect cookie to pair with your big day.

Set the tables with individually wrapped cookies sealed with either our iconic Philadelphia Famous 4th Street sticker, a wedding sticker from our collection, or your own personalized sticker. Show your guests some love by giving them a gift box favor with two delicious cookies inside. Choose his and her favorites! Get Famous at your dessert bar! Order any number of cookies and display them on our small, medium, or large trays.

Order your cookies below or set up an appointment with our wedding coordinator who will contact you shortly. If you would like to speak to our wedding coordinator right away, please call (215) 625 9870

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