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Our cookie trays provide an amazing assortment of freshly baked cookies for all tastes. Delight your family and friends with cookie trays, filled with the most delicious, delicate, and chewy cookies. Our cookie trays come in all sizes and include anywhere from 24 – 50 cookies. Each distinctive and delicious cookie is handmade with the utmost care and attention. Every cookie in the cookie tray is homemade with premium and all-natural ingredients. Order any one of our cookie trays and feel the difference in taste and freshness. All your favorite cookies are baked and shipped on the same day.


24 reviews for Cookie Trays

  1. Brad Pickett

    The greatest mix of the most delicious and softest cookies in the world and all of them in one tray. I had the pleasure of eating and sharing them with my friends, and they too couldn’t resist praising these yummy cookies. Goes to show how good these cookies are!

  2. Stella Maris

    When I want cookies, I want the very best and these cookies are precisely that. Famous Cookies hasn’t made any compromises on this cookie tray. The cookie tray has everything you’d expect and more. I don’t see myself switching to another brand anytime soon.

  3. Nancy Marie

    The cookies in this tray are delicious. These cookies are unbelievably good. Definitely recommended for when you are craving something warm, soft, and sweet. Stumbled upon this recently and can safely say these are the very best cookies I’ve had the joy of eating.

  4. Andrew Dane

    My love of cookies brought me here and I am glad to have picked this cookie tray filled with a variety of yummy cookies. After trying this out, I plan on buying more. My quest for tasty cookies has finally come to an end. This has to be the very best amongst cookies.

  5. Martha Johnson

    My gawd, I have bought some cookie trays in the past, but not one and I mean none came anywhere near the taste and variety offered in this tray. Thus one is just marvelous in terms of flavor and aroma. It might just be the very best cookie tray out there.

  6. Joe Douglas

    Damn, these are some fine cookies! As soon as you take a bite, all the flavors explode inside your mouth and every next bite only elevates that yumminess. Soft, sweet, and delicious, this has to hands down be the best cookie tray I have ever had.

  7. LoriSRivera

    Dessert is a crucial part of any meal and almost everyone’s favorite. I served this cookie tray last night for dinner and my husband- who doesn’t even have a sweet tooth couldn’t get enough of them! My kids and husband gulped them in a single sitting.

  8. Sarah T. Moore

    As a permanent in charge of bringing dessert for Christmas dinners, I’m always on the lookout for freshly baked goods. This one hit home. I’ve been ordering Chocolate Lovers Cookie Assortment for three years now, and the quality is as remarkable as ever.

  9. Rosa J. Baker

    Turkey and The Famous Classic Cookie Assortment are the staple items on my Thanksgiving dinner table. From kids to adults- everyone loves these mouth-watering cookies. It is the perfect amount of crunchy and gooey. Trust me- you won’t regret ordering them!

  10. Brian M. Taylor

    I got The Famous Cookie Assortment cookie tray when my girlfriend’s parents called me home for dinner. They couldn’t stop munching on them. I definitely got the “cookie points” in my quest to impress them! It was a memorable dinner night. All thanks to the cookies.

  11. Donald B. Irizarry

    My aunt recommended The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company to me a while back and I was excited to try them. No doubt, this was one of the best decisions I made. I love all of their baked goods. It says a tray of 24, but I can assure you I can single-handedly eat them all.

  12. Robert D. McBride

    My wife and I have a special emotional connection with The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company. My mother got the Chocolate Lovers Cookie Assortment to celebrate my daughter’s birth. We loved it so much that it became a tradition to order it on her every birthday.

  13. Valery J. Buckley

    Cookie trays by the Famous 4th Street Cookie Company are the one-stop dessert solution for all your family gatherings, holiday parties, picnic with friends, or serve as snacks for your kids. It is my third time ordering from them, and they manage to impress me with their tempting brown cookies each time.

  14. Lois C. Daniels

    I’m a single mom, and that’s why I don’t have enough time to bake for my son. However, I didn’t want to feed him preservative-filled cookies from the market. The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company cookies taste like homemade cookies, and the ingredient list is also safe!

  15. Charles M. Papineau

    The Chocolate Lovers Cookie Assortment cookie tray has been a savior for me. I got it for my daughter’s bake sale after I miserably failed baking cookies at home. I was a little worried at first, but these cookies turned out to be the star of her school’s bake sale.

  16. Gene K. Bradshaw

    My mother is not a big fan of chocolates, but thanks to The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company, she can’t stop ordering the Chocolate Lovers Cookie Assortment tray. These cookies are now a mandatory dessert option during family dinners.

  17. Kim J. Grimes

    A tray of 24 is not enough to satisfy the stomachs of two sweet tooths! I share an apartment with my friend, and we always finish these cookies in a day of ordering them. Both of us love filling these crunchy gooey cookies.

  18. Josephine L. Parks

    My kids love the American Classics Cookie Assortment tray, and for a busy mother like me, these cookies serve as the perfect snacks. They are healthy, yummy, and pocket-friendly! I recommend everyone to order from here.

  19. Gregorio Mario Pietsch

    The American Classics Cookie Assortment cookie tray is my wife’s go-to dessert option when she is too tired to cook for guests or when my in-laws drop by for a surprise dinner! We never fail to stock up on these chewy, yummy treats.

  20. Jean O. Rimmer

    These cookie trays are a significantly healthier alternative for store-bought, artificially sweetened cookies. As a nutritionist, I recommend The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company to everyone because they use all-natural ingredients.

  21. [email protected]

    Whether we need to buy groceries or clothes, the pandemic has made us dependent on online shopping. In such a situation finding an affordable site that sells fresh cookies like The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company was a blessing. I love ordering their cookie trays!

  22. Kristine J. Lomeli

    The bakery near my block shut down a couple of weeks ago, and ever since then; I have been unable to find a suitable alternative for my cookie cravings. A work colleague suggested I try this company, and I’m eternally grateful to her. These cookies are so delicious and warm.

  23. Augustina C. Brown

    These handmade cookies are a staple at all my office parties. I order all three varieties of cookie trays and neatly place them in the shape of a flower. My bosses and colleagues love munching on them. I recommend everyone to buy at least two trays if you are serving more than 20 people.

  24. Jennifer Karen Sterling

    Thanks to The Famous 4th street cookie company, I have stopped buying stale, chemical-loaded cookies from the market. They freshly bake and ship these irresistible bake goodies on the same day to maintain the quality of the cookies.

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Need a gift for a large family, an upcoming event or just want to impress?  Ordering cookie trays from the Famous 4th Street Cookie Company will make YOU FAMOUS!  Order any number of assorted trays in sizes 24, 36 or 50 with our distinctive and delicious cookies for a gift or event to remember. Let Famous 4th Street Cookies delight your family and friends with their favorite cookies. Our cookies are homemade with premium, all-natural ingredients and will make any special occasion sweeter and more enjoyable. Cookies are baked and shipped the same day so they arrive perfectly fresh!

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